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Caring mother health concerns

In the mother's Day is coming, we invited experts from 20, 30, 40, 50, five age, about his mother's health plan.mother's dayHealth one20 years old mother
Attach importance to gynecological examination
More than 20 years old is in women of childbearing age birth is the most prosperous period, need special care, such as health care during pregnancy, lactation and health.
Regularly check the indispensable
New hospital director Tian Zhiying to introduce, for women of childbearing age, gynecological examination is very important, many common diseases such as inflammation in the early does not affect the normal life of people, but if no timely detection and timely treatment will bring a series of consequences. Such as bacterial vaginosis may cause abortion, habitual abortion, preterm delivery, intrauterine infection and other hazards. Other malignant diseases ( such as cancer ) should be more early detection and early treatment, so as to control the development of condition.
According to field doctor introduction, women of childbearing age common gynecological diseases mainly include menstrual irregularities; inflammatory diseases, such as bacterial vaginosis, virus vaginitis, pelvic inflammation and other. Hong doctor suggest, women of childbearing age is best to a regular hospital census a year. Early detection and early treatment can not only reduce the loss of the female body, also can reduce patient economic loss.
Health two
30 years old mother
Pay attention to their own decompression
Due to more than 30 year-old female work,
Jia Ke suhousework, children's education and other heavy pressure, leading to various gynecological diseases often strike women health:
Back pain is a disease
Enough exercise, working too monotonous, boring or back overload and other factors can all lead to back pain.
Pain involving the entire spine, such as muscle spasms, ligament injury, inflammation, sciatica, lumbar intervertebral disk protrusion.
Regular waist, back muscle exercise, adhere to the correct life style, pay attention to sleep, choose appropriate mattress, often swimming and so on, can reduce the pain occurrence.
Chronic fatigue syndrome
Chronic fatigue syndrome pathogenesis, because the resistance of the body long time not self adjustment by. May be appropriate to take vitamin E, C and carotene, often to the outskirts of fresh air movement, drink plenty of water, listen to music and so on.
Health three
40 years old mother
Beware of disease attack
More than 40 year old mother, living and working in the relatively stable stage, but in the meantime also should pay attention to its own health checks, to prevent invasive disease.
Uterine fibroids are natural enemies
Myoma of uterus, ovarian cysts are women at this age the most common disease.
General symptoms of increased vaginal discharge, abdominal mass, prolonged menstruation, irregular vaginal bleeding, pain.
Ovarian malignant tumor early than the deep pelvic, mostly asymptomatic, once symptoms, often is the cancer of late.
Therefore, prevention of myoma of uterus, ovarian cysts are the most effective ways to do regularly gynaecological pelvic examination and B ultrasound examination. At the same time, a good attitude can make you stay away from these diseases.
Health four
50 years old mother
Keep a good state of mind
Menopause is every woman should experience period. Women in this period will produce anxiety, irritability, affecting the normal life and work.
Menopausal diseases
Menopausal women and often to some small temper, sometimes serious Menopause Depression, psychosis, arrhythmia, but these symptoms and not everyone has.
If the symptoms are not too heavy, I will bear, but once the symptoms are very serious, you should go to the hospital to seek treatment, through drug treatment and hormone therapy can relieve the symptoms.
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The women's health" unique skill"
Young women and easy loss, food should be invigorating spleen and stomach, nourishing the liver blood, can choose the date, egg, sesame, longan and other food.
Older women and two virtual, Sibu with Tonifying the liver and kidney, can choose the date, walnuts, sesame, duck, fish,
varicose veins tips honey, the bird's nest, tremella foods. At the same time, should not be considered only terrapin, duck is the tonic, while ignoring the more delicate plant food.