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bituminous coal mineral

Greatly and together the coal mine group and the bituminous coal mineral production control limited company electric power equipments buys invitation to bid Coal mine group greatly and together together the bituminous coal mineral production control limited company equipments purchase item have already managed a word with coal 【2011 】 No.129 document approval construction, constuct a funds to raise by oneself for business enterprise, invite bids factitiousness greatly and together coal mine group together the bituminous coal mineral production control limited company.Item F have an invitation to bid condition, Be to the equipments purchase needed carry on publicly inviting bids now, choose an optimization to settle production factory house pet import.

1, item name:Greatly and together the coal mine group and the bituminous coal mineral production control limited company masters in a prosperous coal industry equipments to buy item

2, invite bids purchase general chart: dvb t tuners

This invitation to bid is totally divided into four marks to wrap and knew well to see form:

The mark wraps to divide the line the name specification model number amount

A, well next the substation is used the electric cable MYJV32-6 KV 3 ×s 1506 kvs 2800 meters

Two, the ground substation is compensated the switch TBB6.3-900 kvars 6 KVs with the high pressure electric capacity 2 set

Three, the new building land noodles substation is used the high pressure switch KYN28-126 kvs 400 As 20 sets pets hotel

The new building land noodles substation is used a low-pressure switch GGD1-660 Vs 1000 As 9 sets dvb t receivers

Four, well next the substation-Zong adopt Zong to dig the work noodles high pressure electric cable KVs MYPTJ-6s 3 × 70+3 × 25|3+3 ×s 2.56 kvs 1800 meters
Note:The equipments specification model number according to while only biding for the convenient bidder in this formed, didn't contain to take a ply or reject the meaning of latent bidder, in case of appear some one particular patent technique, trademark, name, design, original habitat or supply and its authorization etc. all should comprehend for"equal to", the parameter took the in general use parameter within specification of the tender document technique as quasi-.

3, bidder's qualifications request CCTV:

3.1 must be the People's Republic of China inshore registration of, the production factory of the independent business enterprise legal person qualifications house;

3.2 marks wrap a, the mark wraps four to obtain a national coal mine safety sign certificate;(MA marking card)

3.3 this invitation to bids don't accept consociation body to bid, the Legal Representative is the same person's 2 and two above business enterpriseses, parent company, whole property subsidiary and its holding company, can not bid in the meantime, same brand accepts 1 to bid;

3.4 bidders musting be has never been publicly notified by nation and the city relevant supervisor's section critical business enterprise;

3.5 involve patented product, have to provide a related certificate, the business enterprise of existence patent dispute doesn't have to attend to bid;

3.6 have the same kind product accomplishment of two years 2, take sale contract as quasi-.

4, bid to register and obtaining of tender document

4.1 time:July 26, 2011 to August 2, 2011(legal Mr. rests and stanza day off excepted), 8:30-11 A.M. everyday:30, 2:30-5 p.m.:30.(Peking time descend together)

4.2 locations:The mountain west too original city

4.3 register the beard take following license data to add a copying of cover Company's seal piece 1 set:

1)Business license; cable supplier

2)Legal Representative's authorization letter, Legal Representative's ID card and trustee's ID card;

3)The national coal mine safety marks a certificate;(MA marking card)

4)The two years the same kind product sells a contract accomplishment;

5)Other compulsive sex certificates of the related equipments, material of national requestlineen12 |ringingg |niweiya |haomm |driveway |平底鞋 |溫暖我心.

4.4 each selling prices:Renminbi is 500 dollars, don't back after selling.

5, bid delivering to of document dog training