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belong to me

That time that engraves to belong to me
Rain rains not and greatly, but road noodles already dripping wet of.Several individuals also there is no company measuring good supper and eating what, I don't like to drag and pull very much.The end pickeds up key and calls top them to outside have a meal.Sit on the motorcycle, raise an umbrella.Front of his mood starts to be not good, because the raincoat is some to leak, he loves his pants.(lately- bought, currently like most , also quite the cheese jeans)Heart but is very naughty, intentionally come out to pour.Waiting our earthenware cooking pot gruels is last, be slowly don't come.Time of waiting for is hard to carry on, he has been being playing his game.

Under rain of more and more heavy, we eat the crab cream of having fresh United States gruel and also added shrimp.There are old twoses being saying "the crab is more difficult to eat", interior designI feel can't.As long as slowly taste like, need not go vexed heart and eat difficultly easily.The fresh sweet gruel goes together with rain voice point intravenous drop drop, is like a beautiful wine good dinner, I am very glad.
Good heavy rain how returns to?Waiting rain is a little bit small.The God doesn't make beautiful, rain is getting larger.All right, return to earlier, take a shower so much.On the road, he had been complaining:This kind of weather still comes out and Be getting more silly.The pants are getting wetter, the especially new car makes is all mud, and the heart is unbearably painful!Don't know, I have no in a bad humor.Be like to lean against you of carry on the back, like with you to go forward in the rains and winds.Tonight, consider as is satisfy my vainglory.

Return to dormitory, together go moreover two good friends be all reminding me:He is very angry.I didn't feel ashamed.He pickeds up to support a dress pole and beats my form.He was really about wet to drop and had already made him take a shower first.Between the health in of he suddenly says with me:"It be catching a cold."I ask a person to want the blunt of catching a cold.He says again:"Silly!Elder brother is what body!festival city iiThis rain calculates what?!"

Burned to like water, pour for his cup very full.He still at in again call:"Poured rain, at once dranked hot water!"I am in the room"H'm"1."At once drink, dided not hear?!"He is like in the rant.I drank a glass water right away.It always is all what parents press like this, can also feel him now.Take a shower, he went to the movie.But I, sit comfortable chair in, small and soft taste ordering of rain intravenous drop of drop.Feelings this time matter, really need thin water grow to flow.Get along with, really need each other of pay, and don't leave not to leave.

The life is so fragmentary and have no magnificent and victorious.Have of is a peacetime of very naughty, hope to comprehend.But he, the life is among the scenery that can't fade in color.Do you know?Hope always warmth you of warmth.I think of you, even if we will not get along with together hereafter.Life not the ability is little touched, lean against you of carry on the back, that time that engraves to belong to me.