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Become an angel

The ends of the earth, the angle, don't forget that you have a friend! This is what you said to me - graduation, I still remember. The morning after the treasure, in the new school, if you will make new friends, and forget兼職 ... .....

You held my hand and said, of course! But I'm not old! I will remember you for a lifetime! Hee hee! Then, I saw the tiny spots the tears in your eyes, but in the sense of happiness is all around. It radiates fresh feeling around me, that's for elder sister and the treasure!The lilac flower open season, we are sitting back to back on the grass, and close my eyes, listen to each other's heart. That not too many words, in the quiet afternoon and know, for some time, and don't talk to each other exchanges, as long as the heartpontiwinecellars.

After graduation, we took the hope of three years diploma, ran out of the yard, a lot of shouting: I graduated! Then we became the focus of the eyes of the public, some people said: the two most probably crazy and you and I are just a smile. You held my hand, the hand is so warm, your smile will be beautiful like summer flowers andwine storage.

Remember when we were in KFC 's antics, the childlike childish behavior -- each and other foods. In the park, the selfless play, crazy with. In fact, when we were still young ... ......

When the sunset gradually falling煥膚, we only see their own discomfiture. Oh, hello ugly oh! Nani, you say that again! You don't stop to tickle me, I cover the smile pain belly said: well, do not say! You look at me that smile to twitch of the face, could not help but be a laugh. Then, the two cloud in the sky, it is you and me backwine course?