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Beautiful sweet


Paste in the palm of lonely, copied the mind alone thinking. A person accustomed to loneliness in the wind, accustomed to a man in the rain with. Look, good dust blowing; who is not in the lonely atmosphere in combat? Who in the melancholy broke twelve days on the cross? Who 's delicate youth who squandered? A lonely cold sandbank, whether frozen broken heart feelings? The independent romantic smile crossed too shallow, who can read this meaning? Luxury bright crystal, boundless boundless sky. With lonely bustling shore, on the long boat purple acaciaproperty mortgage.

The sound and style of the fundus static view, open the palm of your hand and hold the invisible desolate; let the sadness from the fingers. Left alone lonely, slowly rub into the sweet jam. A little touch of lips, like open seasons daydream tender. The desolate wilderness suddenly bright spring days, lost a court sycamore leaf. Bloom in the lips with Qing Xiao, with subtle deep forest breathe clean natural be in ecstasies. Moonlight as water, pure poem; pour full round. Side of the clove tree fragrant with fallen weak plum, blank into a deep purpleChampagne

A paper in a paper from the acacia, a paper dust a lonely; a paper this paper melancholy, a paper of a paper of youth. Meditation in the clouds, impenetrable petals drop and waters flow. Flies; off the imprint is engraved on my heart. Decadent lonely sinking deep earth crumbles, like completely. Close the eyes retain past gentle image, ears like clouds over the stream. The years scratches on the skin to draw the old wound, like the bloody lonely Epiphyllum bloom. A short red dream, millennium a pipedream. Unsuspectingly thinking at the moment a blank, to search the lonely escape.

Sunlight on the body, not a warm feeling. Blankly staring wall crawling time, self-deprecating smile fall into the second minute thriller. Wander in the doomed eternally lonely abyss, the left bank is the life of ivy tip; right is cold edge on the life-saving rope. To be very careful walking zero wire, crisscross streets where is flat direction? Straight line the flashing lights of the devil the fierce light, like a sharp thorn in my heart. Turn the area with big and small mine detonated tongue, saliva to be a living man up be smashed to pieceslcarnitines.

Under the starlight, a fuzzy shadow, tiptoe hesitate not to where? Lonely at the top of the head around the small, tightly closed lips attachment to a lonesome wind; soon spread flooding to the body every inch. One hundred years of solitude the Millennium lonely, lays out the blue sky. Reprinted in the rain in South falling gently dry boring Xiaoxiang cloud building, wet grass flowers withered under desert Hin court. Warm wind carried out by heart, a warm. Wandering into a melancholy groan are emotional, who in the cold moonlight and an indifferent silhouette? Noble, lonely world singles.

To take down, in the snowless Christmas Mardi gras. Want to shake off the dust fall alone, in the cool breeze blowing in pleasant atmosphere to enjoy listening to the sound of rain. Open volume indifferent mood, staring at the cloud water gently vibrate full satisfaction. Distant bright love fireworks, Yinghong who wait for you and love? Lonely pale fleeting, compressed time mist. Withered hope wrong to stretch the withered, helpless bitter break an awning and rain. Penetrating fog foggy rules walls, brought the whole body pain rapidly swept into your heart window transformation.