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That a forgotten summer, once, rainy night blurred vision, can't see your face, and know you are there by my side. Memory, walk along the road, so far, has good clear. While holding hands, but lost temperature, hug has become bound. When love is gone, replaced with silence, but does not understand, why still hovering in place. At that moment the meteor across the sky who chose to let go, fragile when one can find shelter. When you leave, how to take your hand, but how did not use pets hotel.

When love gone love to bear, come to this moment is who committed the fault. The falling night many fragrant, dyed the sky sunset. Noisy River, fall once the curtain account, will recall not then past. Perhaps at this time, in order to find, you drunk, only complain too quickly to downtown, is not forever, but look at each other, leaving. After the separation, but the two tear, a drop bucket of wine added a drunk, a drop of the stone refused to sorrow. A lot of people ask me, why not go to the one, and I always return to who wants me. In fact, many people know, single for a long time, falling in love with loneliness, love of one's own. Don't want to bloodshed hardly wished to live. In proud smile, just want to stay in their own red dust in the fight but the drunk, with cold cold heart feel this cold cold world, let the world of silence. Night slowly falls, with the wind pushing his bicycle, alone, bypassing the noisy crowd, along the river, at night, not cool, some are completely refreshed. Perhaps many years later, I still went to the heaven, but one man standing in the adorable, a broken kite, a residual spectrum, a shallow sing solo, one empty. Memories in the lovesickness swaying gently, get rid of the memory, not escape parting, the endless night, rain gently knocking on the window, gray day, confided in silence. Many people hate, love life, life is life, thoughts, but also can regret life, regret life. But when love, love will not be arbitrary, facing the cruel reality, it has too many helpless, even in the face of a praiseworthy for one's excellent conduct a true love, can only endure the pain let go, the fall is a regret. Standing on the road, looking up at the sky clouds, rain like big, slapping me in the face, wet my every inch of skin. I hope it will flow into my heart, my heart away on that all memory, do not stay, not leftHoney Sugar Mask.

Unfortunately, the rain belongs to sky, recalling his own. Coffee cup still quiet in the window, just, arms coffee temperature has dropped to zero. Perhaps the time has paid out memory channel whirl, are carved with someone's shadow, a Zhi mottled, haggard, looking back, we met that season, tung tree in full bloom half a campus, quietly lock a tribunal of the rain, Yusa steps into the night never stops, falling flower patches with path, I silently around the withered flowers around, oblique curved path make people confused, look back at that time, like the mossy song. A indifferent a safe, feel good, feel natural, happy can give, can share the joy. The life always has a crossroads, confused and regret is beginning to accompany us. Still remember we meet of the season. The remotest corners of the globe, but, on your heart be consistent from beginning to end, because you are I this life the most beautiful encounter. If I never see your face again, then a books became my only. Because there is a vaguely rhetoric, with I can't touch the beautiful. In the calendar of floating to the book, look collision would provoke a rippling, in that beautiful thin words, seem to have been in possession of a sophisticated self 清潔服務.