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be reduced to fragments

How to face the love be reduced to fragments I always think that their love of happiness, the sadness doesn't painful stage in my life, but still could not escape the mundane feelings row!失眠
University when his gentle and considerate, meticulous moved me deeply. I'm stronger character, in the face of his lack of masculinity thought this is our complementary character traits. Just graduated from university this year his family arranged for me to work in their town, but I cannot tell the boyfriend was at home by his parents for support, the reason is that if the job is too tired! Think of summer his parents to my work be mentally and physically exhausted look, I persuade myself not too picky, besides the feelings of three years of precious! In the face of both parents to pressure, I finally compromise, promised to end the marriage!頭髮護理需要細心 
License after the engagement I lived with him, he says there is a gathering of friends weeks ago evening, intermediate to call he had hung up, he all night not back, his parents awake all night! He later explained that drunk, his parents afraid of me sad has helped him out! Next Sunday I go back to my house to see my parents, in the evening he began about his former girlfriend out to dinner, singing. I know that after his death and debt, I tell myself that everyone has their own small circle, in the face of the past have missed, rational analysis as excusable! In the evening his phone rang a few times, he secretly press the mute! If I find mobile phone, simply put the phone records to delete! This drama television to see more, what is self-evident! The night tossing and turning, and not because of his various suspicious let me secretly sad. I ask myself over and over again, not married like this, how can really get married? I used to take an oath devoutly believes that good man began to teach me how to life? Think of all the female friends are his friends, my heart was broken康和堂康-婷清脂素
How to face the be reduced to fragments of love? How to face his parents? What am I gonna do??康婷清脂素--康和堂