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BB gender identity

Dad is not at home affect BB gender identity
In order to ideal, in order to work, in order to support the family, many of the men have outside year round, only on weekends or holidays will be back home. Usually only the mother alone with a child, the child to see dad just to see the stranger. In fact, in different ages,Hong Kong water slide father's lack of influence on children is different.

* the netizen letter: a child's life without a father.
Teacher Hello, my men over four months, I've been with help, parents, parent-child education are Qinliqinwei, parents are literate, on children's moral education I don't worry, what worries me is, husband is a soldier, perennial in the army, a year also back two months, boys from mother will have some disadvantages, I should pay attention to what?

* the principles of family education: all for the healthy development of the child
My mother is a very responsible mother, her concerns are not redundant, or to entertain imaginary or groundless fears.

HK plastic woodI am here to express appreciation for her. Most of the time, to face their own problems earlier than his paralysis, or problems to face, to the wisdom of many, also more effective. Hope home father outside year round moms can see the micro-blog.

Here I solve this problem only from a principle, that is " all for the healthy development of the child".

Mother with child is not wrong, don't put their negation!

First of all, to correct a mother's idea. It is mom mentions "the boys from mother will have some drawbacks". Here cannot be said to be "the malpractice". Every family has its own family member presence mode, as well as the objective existence cannot change factors, so to say, every family to train up a child in the way they should be differentiated. In any of the outcome did not happen ago with malpractice, two words will undoubtedly bring to their stress and anxiety, and to have the negative " conclusion".

Hong Kong safety surface So, to no results do not use this word to qualitative. If not changed:" father is never at home, will cause the parents education power imbalance". As for what will the impact be, that will see it 's state of mind is what, at the same time is how to do.