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artificial leather repair

Spends nearly 70000 buy high-grade furniture cabinet after a hole is made of artificial leather repair
In October last year, Ms gross housewarming, spent nearly 70000 yuan, buy a set of high-grade leather furniture, for 2 months, to the question, yesterday, she gave the times through 66099999 call:meal side cabinet, behind had the fists of a round hole, hole filling a square patch, is actually a piece of artificial skin.
Hair lady lived in Yubei Hui Xing garden villa area, home decoration tone is black and white, which belongs to the post - modern style. MS gross said, in order to match the style of the decoration, specifically to buy this brand of furniture. Furniture for pure leather wrapped, embossed into the crocodile, is the international
3 sets of furniture 1 clock has spent nearly 70000 yuan
This kind of furniture is called a dimension of the poem of the brand, in September last year, Ms. Mao ordered 3 furniture 1 clock, which has two sofas, a dining table and chair, a sideboard. The sofa is black leather production, dining table chair is silver white and black color matching, meal side cabinet with the silver.
MS gross said, then did a lot of furniture, see this set, was palpitating with excitement eager to do sth.. " I chose the 3 set, the owner said that engaging in activities, he gave me a discount, then spent 69600 yuan." MS gross said, shop and other furniture are almost million yuan, even hundreds of thousands of.
Meal side cabinet in 2 months and was found to have a hole
MS gross said, wait 1 months, store finally put goods sent, then sofa from the car moving on down, found that two seater sofa, 3 corners are a big thumb broken, even saw inside the sponge, formation after contact with stores, stores agreed to replace.
Meal side cabinet by workers handling to the bedroom corner display, because too bulky, from home, she never moved position.
A week before the Spring Festival, the family bought a new object, she is going to take this sideboard moved to the dining room. On the move, she found the closet behind the patchdomestichelperclub.
"I don't feel right, merchants sent to repair workers, workers put the patch torn down, which was revealing a fist big round hole." MS gross said, side and opened the drawer, the patch was saved. This patch color is white, with the cabinet leather color is significantly different, the patch is a piece of artificial skin, although grain also is the alligator grain, but grain size and texture on the markedly different cabinet.
Businessmen say this sample so there will be a patch
Now the whole cabinet back, be changed a piece of leather, but Ms gross said, to spend so much money Mailai this set of furniture, sofa problem was solved the problem of the cabinet again, it is to make her mad. She said the business solution, merchants said that the Spring Festival talk again, can wait for so long, no more.
" I asked them to pay 3000 yuan of money, or for a new to me, but now there has been no news." In desperation, hair lady found us.
Yesterday, we contact the dimension of the poem Pavilion is responsible for that, lady, she admits to hair lady and sofa sideboard is a problem. But she said, this meal side cabinet at the time of sale,performance already informed MS gross sample. " We are selling high-end furniture, generally 100000, she bought is cheaper, we're only going to pay her 1500 yuan, exceed this price, we also do not." Then, Ms. hung up the phonepet-export.
Such news, Ms gross very depressed, she thought, moved into a new home with rotten chest, is really unlucky. MS gross said, she wanted stores show sincerity to resolve this matter.