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action protect heart

"Go and sign and sit and lie" all an ability health in brief action protect heart and keep lung
The small posture small action can embody you everyday of rite and accomplishment, sit properly, the station keep, not hunchback, don't bend from the waist ……this good carriage that is a series of, not only make the bearing more elegant, but also can protect internal organs, protect heart to keep lung.Underneath with small the plait see together.

"Can lie not to sit, can sit not to stand,Production House can stand not to walk, can walk not to run".These are the true portrayal that not a few lifes live appearance.Cautiously want, in fact the person's whole life is mid-degree to lead in four changes of basic postures in"go to sign to sit to lie"s.Want to complete a health, this"big engineering" in the daily life, might as well start to do from each posture, each small action.
Go:It is an essence to raise head and chest out

Lowering the head to contain chest, sole of foot to drag along ground, speed is too quick, the arm is lazy, these are ex-4 of false standing posture"blacklist".Lowering the head containing chest not only brings fatigue most easily, but also may influence heart lung function.The sole of foot drags along the ground lets untidy and difficult person sees of feeling don't say, more more fundamental will make joint, muscle and foot the bow "get hurt".bridgestoneWalk the heel"sped a soldier", can not help embarrassed with what others collided with each other, take place to fall down, the risk of the traffic accident etc. accident will be also higher.

Correct posture:In childhood, we were always educated by the mother to walk and"raise head and chest out", this 4 words definite way the exactitude walked of essence.Although walking what to move at most is a leg, eyes, head, chin, neck, shoulder, carry on the back, chest, arm all of this 8 parts are keys and need their positions of your time"the school is quasi-"s.

The double eye should look on straight level 3-6 meters in the front;Head the felling that wants to lift, looks for a kind of"upwards pull";Take out the chin shrinking to promise to run parallel with ground;The neck has to be"positive", the portable body moves forward naturally;The double shoulder keeps on-line in same level;Back must just a little and backward"accept Long";The chest never contain, must start to stand;The arm doesn't be carefree and keep upper arm to descend to hang naturally and swing naturally at body two sides by 30-45 degrees range.This will make you walk more easily and look to even have qualities and dignity.

The health small technique:Can match with some small actions while walking, if clap hands for 5 minutes, rub belly...etc..The kidney not good person can also rise toe to walk for 5 minutes by Dian and pass to massage ex- sole of foot seamy side and foot thumb to come to restore virility sun.

Sign:Twist around to harm a body very much

The careful observation hands over the person of the station etc. car in Mr., you will discover "behavior art" that that absolutely is a standing posture:Young bend from the waist hunchback;Carry on the back to depend advertisement card,
MotoGPthe double feet cross;The center of gravity is slanting to is one side to the body ……body's twisting around is the common failing of false standing posture, this will aggravate muscular strain, while another side muscle is placed in to relax appearance.Still have you a little bit more unexpected BE, the position of internal organs will also move along with the standing posture

occurrence, the standing posture falsely will influence the normal metabolism of internal organs system.Correct posture:The balance is a correct standing posture first outline righteousness, letting the body is each part even be subjected to dint, keep firmly in mind this stands formula for incantation:One stalk three balances four flection, this is to build up at the physiology structure and the biomechanics foundation on.

"One stalk" is mentioned of is a spinal column to want to keep in the perpendicular appearance, the back, loins wants to keep;"Three balances"s point of BE, double the or so both sides of the shoulder, double Mao(I am equal to to fasten leather belt), double legs should keep on-line in same level;"Four flection" then has something to do with spinal shape,wireless keyboards the spinal column isn't a straight line, it has 4 physiology flection:The neck is forward convex, the chest is backward convex, the loins is forward convex, the Mao bone is backward convex.