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Accustomed to lonely

Love by the window, also be used alone. Face full of lush, there is a feeling in the heart rises, a voice in the wind sings卜維廉中學, have one words choked throat throat 營養食品... ...

Think of edge of high speed of the clusters of white Miscanthus, think of the wind the white mans light swaying posture and amid sharp manner法國紅酒 ... ... Originally, some scenery is so sweet; so, warmth and tenderness to cherish accidentaly across the soft, so be caught off guard; originally a postural simple and clean, to come very naturally midstream overflow is lonely, can be like the white mans, not publicity, not humble, in green leaves, in the big beautiful garden path 裝修後清潔.

Life in the meeting continued, but can really stop and several time? Facing the heart joy小油菜, if you can handle, this life without regret. Facing the helpless, if can gracefully turned, and how free and easy Spaghetti oslee黃糖面膜.