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A sentimental sea

Green began woods birds chirp, far and near, and should, sing for joy of spring. The swallows flying fairy wings, tirelessly take mud nest. Orioles Singing in the sky, it 's call and the voice stream flow, in the spring breeze gently echoesspring li.

The rain falls like silk, fluttering Sasa,杺甴粄茬 misty, give the earth covered with smoke. The soft rain, along the roof, the water drop, into a string of notes Lingling, fall in the quartzite, playing in the banana leaf, splashing a light sound. Tick tick sound, quiet space to add a smart, a sense of beauty physiotherapy.

Umbrella walking in the rain, through the narrow alleys, through the small bridge, watching the stream flowing, looked at the white clouds drifting away. Some old snapshots emerges mind, can not help but fall into quietly miss. In the light of spring rain, seems to the person's mood in the bud growth, imperceptibly into an intoxicated state of mind900 Miles.

Linger misty rain, sometimes suddenly heard the sound of the flute melodious. Clear and melodious sound, beautiful melody, such as silk, such as ray, like a dream, like magic, slowly from the floating on the river, in the waves, and the rain intertwined. A thin distant mood, let the person's mood static, and breathlessness wedding.

Yellow flowers of rape is continuous, flowers?? is beautiful, merged into a golden sea. The golden flowers, not only popular, and attracted a beautiful fairy. Butterfly flashing wings, flying dance among the flowers; the bees buzzing, flying to gather pollen. Breeze, a faint fragrance filled the air, gladdening the heart and refreshing the mindHealthy diet ~.

Changjiang Delta spring, fresh and gorgeous, elegant and charming. The infiltration of the Tang and song?? land, has been left by touching a quality suggestive of poetry or painting. If the spring in the south is a person, it is a pure and beautiful girl, very pretty and charming, charming and attractive. The flower is its appearance, green leaves are its clothes, water is its eyes, smelled like a fresh and fragrant flavor agnesf.