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The rain, such as, no longer cloudy sky, the cloud Fengli, as if the boy fickle face, tears wet, then squeezed out several silk smile. Hold an umbrella alone, up to the outdoor, breezy, seems to be the air is also combined with the fresh green, fragrant diffuse, take a deep breath, lets the human be overcome by one's feelings with a comfortable surplus.On June, flourishing leaves and withering flowers, should be the rainy season, but this year God seems particularly stingy, April up to now, only two or three field scattered light rain, not saturated ground, will disappear without a trace. At this point, they are divided leaves season, to the timely rain, will let them gudonggudong drinkwedding724?

Love rain.

When I was young, every rainy day, will set to wear boots, when the mother does not pay attention, sneak away to the outside, and other people's children together to fight. The more water and more places, more is our pursuit of the park, running and jumping in water, the water at the foot of POPs to splash, cool, cool, splashes onto in the face, hands, indescribably happy, every child is a dance with joy and shout and wrangle, is often a game mudhair-add.

There are rain, mother was very strict, ordered not to go out, he helplessly lying on the window sill, swept the rain shouting: it's raining, bubble, Wang Badai straw hat . In fact, I didn't even know the meaning of this word, just for a laugh, think to rising from blisters, like a round hat, it must be bastard hat , is always at the top my voice, act recklessly and care for nobody make a hullabaloo about, until it was mother harshly rebuke: shut up , just spit tongue, made a face, angrily sit back on the sofa ... ...

Grown up, on this delude one to folly appears to reduce many, but is still not changed situation bell, is often rainy passerby be in a hurry to depart, I hold a small umbrella free from restraint ... ...

Rain, gossamer, awakened my fondest memory of many, however, this fresh and accessible, bring me more calm and understanding852printing.
The mist cleared, sky has been completely open, after the dust cleared the trees, grass, like being coated with a layer of bright colors, green in the enchanting. While those with smiling flowers, the vibration of winged birds, seems to have touched the fresh joy, love, swaying; jump, indirect ... ...

Umbrella, heart, always be a faint, faint thoughts imbued with. Reflection, life is not a groundless talk process? Bitter in the sweet, sweet in the music, every cross is a storm, a storm is an experience, and the wind storm rain, we harvest is not mature, it is understanding and strong.

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