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"tang dynasty" design breeze

The jewelry profession blows "tang dynasty" design breezeclinic-hk
Recently, a jewelry monopoly store that took the esthetics in tang dynasty ages as to design concept protected a benefit inter-continental in the Buddha mountain the cabaret started practice, "dance and flower" freshwater pearlTang breeze art the jewelry special exhibition also develop in the meantime.The jewelry, jewel in tang dynasty ages all presents by the carriage of "Ying Luo".Jewelry designer, Zhang Ying, whom the painter is from feels, the esthetics art that oneself realize to integrate but get design concept, establish the jewelry art of "Tang breeze parties" to spread to accept a style, its work has humanities, art and special very much.That jewelry shop is"Tang's breeze" local head house monopoly store.The merchandises are all natural jewelries, the whole handicraft creates.The local jewelry market just rose, the market potential was very big.hkcar-rental

Designer, Zhang Ying, feels mean, the tang dynasty can make a show of a dynasty of female culture most , led home lighting  as a result choose to use Tang's breeze as the special feature of jewelry, integrate into culture of the tang dynasty the design of jewelry, the material, color of jewelry matches to all make a show of the United States of tang dynasty poem joy.Zhang Ying feels a hope, after the jewelry brand that the abroad goes place returns to domestic, oneself makes the people more thorough understanding jewelry art.In addition, Tang breeze art jewelry special exhibition will from exhibit to for 9 the end of the months from this very day, in the middle include the designer's representative's work"colourful Die", and"the chirping of birds double lotus", "led grow lightsbrocade top flower"...etc., liked the collector of art jewelry to provide the sharing art the beautiful terrace of jewelry design for wide Buddha region.diginewsroom